AB Soto's Move Your Body

AB Soto's Move Your Body

4 Episodes

Sexy Latin stunner AB Soto joins his two back up dancers Ben and Jerome as he teaches you how to Move Your Body to various songs from he and RuPaul's music.

AB SOTO is a visual / performance and recording artist who aims to show the diversity of the more marginalized members of the gay community and bring them to a wider audience. As a Latin dancer and producer, AB has always had a fiery passion for choreography and he wants to share his moves with you! Join AB and his two dancers as they teach you the easy steps to popular hits by RuPaul, such as “Call Me Mother” and their infamous “Cha Cha Bitch” collaboration. Life is too short to sit around and collect dust, so get up and MOVE YOUR BODY!

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AB Soto's Move Your Body
  • Call Me Mother

    Episode 1

    AB Soto teaches us some fierce moves to Ru's "Call Me Mother!"

  • Cha Cha B*tch

    Episode 2

    AB AB Soto teaches us to dance to Ru's "Cha Cha Bitch!"

  • American

    Episode 3

    Red, white, and blue! AB Soto teaches us some moves to RuPaul's "American."

  • Realness

    Episode 4

    A.B. Soto shows you how to move your body to RuPaul's "Realness"!