American Hookup Stories

American Hookup Stories

3 Episodes

Mike Diamond hosts American Hookup Stories. A series that features the bizarre and informative antics that occur during a random hookup. There is much to be learned from these brave souls!

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American Hookup Stories
  • Gay Porn Star Bangs Married Man

    Episode 1

    Manly man, Brandon aka Issac Conn shares his story about one of his first times with another man. But there is a twist that poor Brandon was not prepared for…

  • Pie Fetish

    Episode 2

    Adam shares a sweet story about a man's fetish with baked goods. This one is tasty!

  • Doggie Style

    Episode 3

    Meester shares a story about a run-in with a basement swing queen and a watchful pup named Princess. Who do you think is true royalty?