6 Episodes

Join Aja on her stoop as she spills the T and spits truths about her life. She's giving you everything from running away to Drag Family.

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  • Aja Gets Petty

    Episode 1

    We join Aja on her stoop as she breaks it down about getting petty.

  • Aja Runs Away

    Episode 2

    Aja shares her experiences from running away as a teen and how it has made her the person she is now.

  • Hypochondr-Ayosis

    Episode 3

    Did you know Aja suffers from hypochondriosis? Sit with her as she explains what it is like to be a hypochondriac Drag Queen.

  • Drag Family

    Episode 4

    Meet Aja's drag family! Her daughters Kandy Muse and Dhalia Sin sit with Aja and let you in on their Drag Family secrets.

  • Phake Classy

    Episode 5

    You don't always have to be classy- join Aja and learn how to be phake classy and fool the world.

  • Fighting

    Episode 6

    Aja talks about fighting the right way and the wrong way. She also shares her personal experiences with clapping back!