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Catch Up: Painted with Raven

  • Beauty and the Beast

    It’s Raven, huntys! Raven chooses eight wildly talented makeup artists to showcase their artistry and compete for $25,000. First, they must paint one-half of their face to represent beauty, and one-half of their face to represent beast. Season 1 winner Matt Perkins guest judges.

  • Seven Deadly Sins

    You’re sinners - all of you! At random, Raven assigns each artist a deadly sin to embody with an absolutely transgressive makeup look. Emmy award-winning Glen Alen guest judges.

  • Glam Rock - NFTease

    Raven challenges the artists to create a look inspired by 1970s glam rock. But that’s not all - halfway through their allotted time, Raven challenges the artists to take their looks further - right into the future! Celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendaño guest judges.

  • Celebrity Look-alike

    Painted with Raven’s iconic Snatch Game is back! The artists each impersonate the look of their favorite celebrity. Mariah Carey’s makeup artist Kristofer Buckle guest judges.

  • Dollface

    The dolls are dolling! This week, the artists pair off into teams of their choosing to cohesively paint themselves into sickening dolls, toys, or action figures. Janet Jackson’s makeup artist Preston Meneses guest judges.

  • Written in the Stars

    Patrick Starrr guest judges and Raven assigns each artist a Zodiac sign to portray. Throwing a wrench into their plans, Raven stops the artists mid-paint to announce a twist.

  • AILF (Alien I’d Like to F*ck)

    It’s giving sexy alien realness! The artists must incorporate at least one color from the Norvina Pro Pigment Palette No. 6 and one prosthetic to create looks that are out of this world. Emmy award winning makeup artist Natasha Marcelina guest judges.