Catch-Up: Vanjie 24 Hours of Love

Drag icon Miss Vanjie has just 24 hours to find love in a mansion filled with 18 men!

  • Too Many Men, Too Little Time

    Eighteen suitors flock to a Los Angeles mansion looking for love. Unbeknownst to them, they’re all competing for the heart of Jose Cancel, aka the iconic drag queen, Miss Vanjie.

  • Hot Tub Showdown

    Drag superstar Derrick Barry arrives to help Jose judge a swimsuit runway. But the bums in the sun soon get burnt and the hot tub boils over when the suitors clash!

  • The Wrath of Mom

    A heated debate about sex work and dating sends shockwaves through the group. Vanjie’s mom, Anabell, arrives to grill the suitors and determine whose intentions are pure.

  • Love and Uranus

    Confrontations erupt when the suitors question each other’s intentions and Vanjie calls in Astrologer Joe Romanini to read the Uranus out of them.

  • The Bitching Hour

    No suitor is safe when Violet Chachki and Gottmik host the Vansion’s after hours party, testing who will make it till dawn.

  • The Come Up

    As one suitor melts down, another makes his move, and Vanjie discovers who’s the best pitcher!

  • Wig Jock

    The suitors must impress Vanjie with their drag skills and Vanjie’s mom returns to help cull the herd.

  • True Love

    In the series finale, one suitor must submit to a lie detector test and the final three get their shot at love with Miss Vanjie.

  • Reunion

    At the premiere party for Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love, Miss Vanjie's suitors reunite to spill the tea and reflect on their experience.