WOW Presents Clips

  • Gore Vidal on Being Gay, Sex in the Military & AIDS Politics: WOW Presents Clips 101

    Curmudgeonly mid-century novelist/historian/essayist Gore Vidal discusses a number of subjects – including his groundbreaking gay novel The Pillar & the Salt, whether or not being “gay” is even a thing, and a little known story about a Pacific island during World War II where all the male soldier...

  • Dancing with Dogs!: WOW Presents Clips 102

    From the WOW Vault: It's our EXCLUSIVE daily peek into the extensive library of WOW shows, interviews, and pop culture ephemera we’ve collected over the last three decades. Today, of course, is World Animal Day – celebrated annually on the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of...

  • Laurie Pike on Plastic Surgery: WOW Presents Clips 103

    “From the Vault” is a fabulous new daily posting we’re doing at the WOW Report: It’s our EXCLUSIVE daily peek into the extensive library of WOW shows, interviews, and pop culture ephemera we’ve collected over the last three decades.

    TODAY: Longtime wowlebrity/fashion maven/johnny-on-the-spot r...

  • Plushies and Furries: WOW Presents Clips 104

    Form the WOW Vault, this clip is from the the documentary "Plushies and Furries".

    May not be appropriate for all ages. View discretion advised.

    Furries, as they are known, take on personas of the animal images they adored in childhood as a means of self-expression, dressing in elaborate sui...

  • Dan Savage on Gay Marriage: WOW Presents Clips 105

    From the WOW Vault, Dan Savage talks gay marriage from the show "Original Sin: Sex".

  • Miss Navajo: WOW Presents Clips 106

    In celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Day, women compete for the title of Miss Navajo from the the documentary "Miss Navajo".

  • Mario and Courtney's Wedding Fiesta: WOW Presents Clips 107

    In honor of Mario Lopez's birthday, here is a clip of his beautiful wedding ceremony from the WOW Vault.

  • When I Knew: WOW Presents Clips 108

    Happy Coming Out Day! Please enjoy this excerpt from When I Knew that shares three brave coming out stories taken from the WOW Vault.

  • Divine David on Life and the Avant-garde: WOW Presents Clips 109

    Today from the WOW Vault, Divine David travels through the streets of London to talk about life and the avant-garde.

  • Linda Blair on Her Role in The Exorcist: WOW Presents Clips 110

    In celebration of Friday the 13th, Linda Blair shares insight on her role in The Exorcist from the WOW Vault.

  • Wrinkly Vision: WOW Presents Clips 111

    From the WOW Vault: Revisit BBC's Wrinkly Vision! Originally aired in 1996, Katherine Helmond hosted this exploration of the graying of America and the absence of seniors on US television, featuring an excerpt from Nann Miller's public access show.

  • Eminem on "My Name Is": WOW Presents Clips 112

    Today is Eminem‘s birthday and because we’re kind of digging him again after his anti-Trump freestyle at the BET Awards, we thought we’d celebrate with this throwback from a 1999 shows we did called Video Killed the Radio Star: History of Music Videos that aired on Vh1 and Channel 4 in the UK.

  • Heather Langenkamp on her role in "A Nightmare on Elm Street": WOW Presents Clips 113

    From the WOW Vault, our Woman Crush Wednesdsay, Heather Langenkamp, talks "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and recounts shooting her favorite scene in the film.

  • Ring My Bell with Mrs. Mouth: WOW Presents Clips 114

    From the WOW Vault, Mrs. Mouth answers questions from callers on Ring My Bell from 1991!

  • Doug Bradley talks "Hellraiser": WOW Presents Clips 115

    From the WOW Vault, Doug Bradley dishes on his role as "Pinhead" in "Hellraiser", the sexual response to his character, and inspiring men and women to adopt body piercing.

  • Weird Al Yankovic on "Fat" Music Video: WOW Presents Clips 116

    From the WOW Vault, Weird Al Yankovic talks about working on his favorite parody, "Fat", and Michael Jackson's response to his work. Happy Birthday Weird Al!

  • White Witch Seldiy Bate on Housebusters: WOW Presents Clips 117

    From the WOW Vault, Seldiy Bate, a white witch, helps Laura and Chris solve their money problems.

  • John Carpenter talks Halloween: WOW Presents Clips 118

    From the WOW Vault, in celebration of the 39th anniversary of Halloween, director John Carpenter talks about making the film, the story behind the mask, and his favorite scene.

  • The Making of Thriller with John Landis: WOW Presents Clips 119

    From the WOW Vault, John Landis recounts how Michael Jackson approached him for his Thriller music video, how they raised the money to create the video, and the incredible reception it received, taken from "Video Killed the Radio Star: The History of Music Video".

  • Kim Director talks Blair Witch 2: WOW Presents Clips 120

    From the WOW Vault, Kim Director shares insight on her involvement in the Blair Witch 2, and how the sequel compared to the first Blair Witch film, from her interview in "Movies That Shook The World" for the 17th Anniversary of the Blair Witch 2.

  • Psychic Michelle Knight Encounters Dark Energy: WOW Presents Clips 121

    From the WOW Vault, Psychic, Michelle Knight, encounters dark energy in Adele's home that keeps her awake at night. Can Michelle rid the house of this oppressive energy? This clip is taken from Housebusters, a show that uncovers the secret life of our houses in search of the unseen forces that ...

  • Blood Feast: WOW Presents Clips 122

    From the WOW Vault, this Halloween we are taking a look back at Blood Feast, a party of blood, gore, and horror, taken from the 1998 documentary, "Party Monster: The Shockumentary".

  • Larry Flynt on Surviving Gunshot: WOW Presents Clips 123

    From the WOW Vault, Larry Flynt describes the influence of Hustler, the magazine photo that propelled an armed man to shoot him, one of his most important court cases Flynt v. Falwell, and the cost of freedom of speech. Taken from 2016 "Original Sin: Sex".

  • Edith Head: WOW Presents Clips 124

    In celebration of Edith Head's birthday this past week, we're taking a look back at "Hollywood Fashion Machine" an original AMC series production about Hollywood fashion both behind-the-scenes and its impact on society. Hosted by Daryl Hannah, this clip is from an episode dedicated to Edith Head...