Fashion Photo RuView

Fashion Photo RuView

41 Seasons

Two RuPaul's Drag Race alums critique the runway looks from the Drag Race mainstage. Will they TOOT or BOOT the Queens looks from the runway? Watch now and find out!

Fashion Photo RuView
  • Nightlife Eleganza

    Episode 1

    Nicky Doll and Alexis Mateo are back together to toot and boot the looks from the main stage of season 2 of Drag Race Holland.

  • Monster's Ball

    Episode 3

    It’s a graveyard smash! Nicky and Alexis are tooting and booting the Dutch queens’ ooky spooky Monster Ball looks - and they keep it scary real.

  • Roots

    Episode 5

     It’s the makeover episode! Alexis is joined by the fabulous Rock M Sakura to toot and boot the Holland queens’ runways, where they put their loved ones in drag representing where they came from.

  • Double Dutch

    Episode 7

    We’re in for double trouble! Nicky and Alexis return to toot and boot the top four queens’ Double Dutch looks, inspired by Dutch icons and created with Dutch export products.