Fashion Photo RuView

Fashion Photo RuView

41 Seasons

Two RuPaul's Drag Race alums critique the runway looks from the Drag Race mainstage. Will they TOOT or BOOT the Queens looks from the runway? Watch now and find out!

Fashion Photo RuView
  • I’m A Winner Baby Realness

    Episode 1

    Shea Coulée and Ra’Jah O’Hara kick off a brand new series of toots and boots! Our gals are critiquing the very first UK vs The World Runway, where the international queens showed off their winning-est eleganza.

  • You Wear It Well

    Episode 2

    Calling all kitty girls, butch queens, and glamazons! Ra’Jah and Shea are tooting and booting the international queens’ design challenge, where the queens had to create a look that’s up to the original Glamazon’s standards!

  • Dot Dot Dot

    Episode 3

    Shea and Ra’Jah are back … to toot and boot … the UK vs the World queens’… runway looks ...! Category IS: Dot Dot Dot!

  • Luck Be a Lady

    Episode 4

    Wanna roll the dice? Shea and Ra'Jah are back to take a gamble on the international queens' and toot and boot their lucky eleganza extravaganza!

  • Work of Art

    Episode 5

    Shea and Ra'Jah are back to toot and boot the international queens' semi-final runways, where they took inspiration from famous artists throughout history. Van Gogh she better don't!

  • Grand Finale Eleganza Extravaganza

    Episode 6

    Shea and Ra’Jah team up to toot and boot the first season of international queens’ looks for one last time. Lucky for us, all the eliminated queens return and join the final four to show off their finest grand finale eleganza!