WOW Docs

World of Wonder presents riveting and explorative feature length documentaries.

  • School's Out


    Welcome to Walt Whitman High School in Dallas, Texas. At Walt Whitman, lesbian and gay students from around the South are welcome to move in with host families and attend a controversial high school specifically set up for them. The film follows the lives of eight students attending Walt Whitman ...

  • Plushies & Furries


    Furries, as they are known, take on personas of the animal images they adored in childhood as a means of self-expression, dressing in elaborate suits and often adopting a name and character. Sometimes their furry behavior gets sexy. However, furries often clarify that they’re lifestyle should not...

  • Ghetto Ballet


    Ghetto Ballet follows the inter-linked stories of a number of students in a groundbreaking program called Dance for All.

    The raison d'etre of the program- founded by Philip Boyd and his late wife Phyllis Spira - is to give disadvantaged kids in the townships the opportunity to study ballet and, ...

  • David Ogilvy: Original Mad Man


    A documentary about pioneering British advertising executive and self-proclaimed genius, David Ogilvy, who led a revolution in advertising, feeding dreams and shaping aspirations with famous campaigns, slogans and jingles. He started what eventually would become conglomerate Ogilvy and Mather in ...

  • J. K. Rowling and The Harry Potter Express


    The story behind the woman who wrote the wildly popular Harry Potter book series. Director: Frances Dickerson