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For the Love of...

For the Love of...

16 Episodes

A late night talk show hosted by writer Jon Ronson, A Guardian and former Time Out journalist. Ronson meets up with ordinary people who have extraordinary hobbies and beliefs.

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For the Love of...
  • For the Love of Big Brother

    Episode 1

    Investigative journalist Jon Ronson leads a panel discussion between people who are concerned by the impact of intense surveillance on society and the individual.

  • For the Love of Celibacy

    Episode 2

    Investigative journalist journalist Jon Ronson leads a panel discussion between people who have chosen to lead a sex free life and why they have done so. The panelists include a Christian monk, an asexual person and one who has chosen to forego sex for life.

  • For the Love of Jesus Army

    Episode 3

    The Jesus Army brings the gospel to the forgotten people, those who are trapped in the evils of our permissive society. The Jesus Army will go where others will not go, to help the poor and the needy. This is a holy war, and The Jesus Army are committed to sacrifice, hardship and danger.

  • For the Love of Grouse Shooting

    Episode 4

    The grouse, that most quick witted and unpredictable of all the game birds, pitted in an exciting battle of wills against that most intelligent of mammals, humans, alone on a hillside, in a rural fight to the death.

  • For the Love of Hare Krishna

    Episode 5

    Krishna is the eternal, all powerful, all knowing, all attractive, seed giving father of all living things. And he has the sustaining energy of the entire cosmic creation. The way we choose to live this life will determine our fate in the next, so we must strive to be blissful at all times. Tonig...

  • For The Love of Models

    Episode 6

    Jon Ronson sits down with models to discuss their intense lifestyle.

  • For the Love of Mormons

    Episode 7

    After the death of Jesus, Christianity lay fallow, right up until 1823 when a 17 year old farm boy discovered a set of gold plates buried in a hill near New York. The farm boy was Joseph Smith, and the church he founded has become the fastest growing in the world.

  • For the Love of Politeness

    Episode 8

    Maybe in this fast-paced world of ours we think of politeness as something of an anachronism, a - a wonderful but forgotten facet of days gone by. But some are keeping the politeness candle burning. Some believe even that politeness can be the cure for, for ill-health; that politeness can save ...

  • For the Love of Quakers

    Episode 9

    Rarely has a more placid organisation been subjected, over the years, to such persecution. In fact, the State of Massachusetts once passed a law sanctioning the lopping off of Quakers’ ears. This was a rather alarming reaction to a group of people who pride themselves on tolerance and laissez f...

  • For the Love of Sikhism

    Episode 10

    World of Wonder is proud to announce the return of FOR THE LOVE entirely different kind of talk show hosted by best selling author JON RONSON (Them, The Psychopath Test). FOR THE LOVE OF... was originally broadcast in 1994 on Britain's Channel Four quickly garnering a rabidly cult audience

  • For the Love of Time Travel

    Episode 11

    Tonight, time travel, the most paradoxical of all the great enigmas. Some of the people sitting round this table have, already, travelled through time, others plan to, imminently. Tonight we will stare that can of worms in the face and we will prove that it is possible to travel through time.

  • For The Love of Transmitters

    Episode 12

    A late night talk show hosted by writer Jon Ronson, A Guardian and former Time Out journalist. Ronson meets up with ordinary people who have extraordinary hobbies and beliefs.

  • For the Love of Tropical Fish

    Episode 13

    Of all the pets there are, marine tropical fish are maybe the most unapproachable. There’s no interaction and if you stroke them they die, but - but some say that marine tropical fish enthusiasts have a much greater role than many pet owners. Some say that they are almost like gods with the tank...

  • For the Love of Alien Abductions

    Episode 14

    All the guests tonight have been abducted by aliens! They have learnt many important things in their journeys and in sharing their experiences with us. We can learn some crucial truths about what it is to be terrestrial.

  • For the Love of Lunar Conspiracy

    Episode 15

    Was the first Moon landing one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century or an elaborate hoax? Many people at the time were not prepared to believe what was being shown on their TV screens. According to a poll taken in 1970, 30% of Americans still did not believe that Apollo had really tak...

  • For the Love of Trees

    Episode 16

    Sometimes it’s maybe too easy to take trees for granted. In a world that gives little credence to the virtues of silence and dignity, perhaps the most silent and dignified things of all - trees are not being given the respect they deserve. But if we allow them to trees can teach us many things ab...