Gaymer Guys

Gaymer Guys

3 Seasons

Chase Koloszi and Evan Michael Lee discuss everything video games with an emphasis on queer in Gaymer Guys!

Gaymer Guys
  • Dream Daddy

    Episode 1

    Chase and Evan pick out their Dream Daddy!

  • Dream Daddy Pt. 2

    Episode 2

    Evan and Chase play Dream Daddy again!

  • Nostalgia
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Evan and Chase relive the 90s and play some games from their childhood!

  • Favorites
    Episode 4


    Episode 4

    Gaymer Guys talk about their favorite video game characters!

  • Toxic Gaming

    Episode 5

    Chase and Evan discuss the dangers of toxic online gaming and game rage - it's like road rage, except with broken controllers and holes in the wall.

  • Horror Games

    Episode 6

    Chase and Evan play some horror games! Chaos ensues!

  • Fortnite Play

    Episode 7

  • Dream Daddy Pt 3

    Episode 8

  • Dream Daddy Pt. 4

    Episode 9

    Chase and Evan play Dream Daddy Pt. 4! Watch as they mix and mingle with daddies at a bbq cookout.

  • Femme Fatales

    Episode 10

    Chase and Evan talk about their favorite femme fatales in video games!

  • E3 2018 with Kameron Michaels

    Episode 11

    Chase and Evan talk E3 with special guest Kameron Michaels!

  • E3 2018 with Kameron Michaels: Part 2

    Episode 12

    Chase and Evan talk E3 with special guest Kameron Michaels!

  • Kameron Michaels

    Episode 13

    Kameron Michaels talks about her favorite queer character and childhood systems!

  • Fall Releases with Kameron Michaels

    Episode 14

    Kameron's back with the boys to discuss the brand new fall releases!

  • Alien Gameplay with Kameron Michaels

    Episode 15

    Chase and Evan play Alien: Isolation with special guest Kameron Michaels!

  • BlizzCon 2018

    Episode 16

    We're at Blizzcon 2018 to talk LGBT+ representation with Blizzard's Production Director Phillip Hillenbrand!