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HOUSE OF LOVE All Access Pass

HOUSE OF LOVE Viewing Party Box purchases include an All Access Pass to exclusive content on WOW Presents Plus and New All Access Pass content is added regularly, so be sure to get your next Viewing Party Box soon!

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HOUSE OF LOVE All Access Pass
  • Too Many Men, Too Little Time

    Eighteen suitors flock to a Los Angeles mansion looking for love. Unbeknownst to them, they’re all competing for the heart of Jose Cancel, aka the iconic drag queen, Miss Vanjie.

  • Storms Off In Jellyfish

    In the premiere episode of Yvie's Odd School, Yvie teaches us how to turn her iconic jellyfish look!

  • Yvie Oddly

    Follow winner of Drag Race Season 11, Yvie Oddly, who contends with health issues even as she adjusts to life in the limelight.

  • Quick Drag with Monique Heart!

    The winner of Season 11 and the Heart of Season 10 create five minute looks from supplies they found in the depths of the WOW basement!

  • I’m A Winner Baby Realness

    Shea Coulée and Ra’Jah O’Hara kick off a brand new series of toots and boots! Our gals are critiquing the very first UK vs The World Runway, where the international queens showed off their winning-est eleganza.

  • You Wear It Well

    Calling all kitty girls, butch queens, and glamazons! Ra’Jah and Shea are tooting and booting the international queens’ design challenge, where the queens had to create a look that’s up to the original Glamazon’s standards!

  • Shea Couleé

    Shea Couleé from Season 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race paints James St. James on this episode of Transformations.

  • Monster Mash

    It's a graveyard smash! Raja and Viv are tooting and booting the queens' ooky spooky runway mashups.

  • Sing Out, Viv!

    As soon as The Vivienne arrives in Hollywood, the camera crew starts rolling and she quickly gets started on... the “making of” her music video. First, let’s get these pipes warmed up with Tony-award winner and singer, Marissa Jaret Winokur. Viv and Marissa meet at a piano bar to start practicing...

  • Morning T&T at RuPaul’s DragCon UK 2020!

    Drag Race UK Season 1 sisters The Vivienne and Baga Chipz talk all things Morning T and T, their UK sisters, and an exciting surprise - even to Baga!

  • Signature Show-Stopping Drag

    Stop! In the name of drag! Raja and Gottmik are back to toot and boot the first seven queens of Season 14! Category is Show-Stopping Drag.

  • All Star Hall of Fame Eleganza Extravaganza

    The finale is finally here! Raja and Raven are here to toot and boot the final All Stars 6 queens as they stomp down the runway in their very best, Hall of Fame worthy drag.

  • Raja

    T.S. Madison takes Raja to Jack in the Box!

  • Monét X Change

    All Stars 4 winner and Season 10 Miss Congeniality, Monét X Change is effervescent, a spitfire, fun, lovable, and has a strong sense of self in and out of drag.

  • The Great Shade

    The Drag Tots are back in an all-new adventure! Join these tater tots as they head back to school and face their biggest challenge yet, The Great Shade.

  • American Revolution

    The library is open and Monét is checking out every history book they've got. Facts are facts.

  • Bring Back My Ghouls: RuPauls Drag Race Season 12 Queens

    Welcome to an unSPOOKable evening of tricks, treats, and tucks! Celebrate the spirit of Halloween by tipping your favorite Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12. All donations will be divided up evenly and distributed directly to the Queens. We will be taking donations through Venmo, PayPal, and...

  • What Did You Steal From Drag Race

    Season 12 queens prepare for the finale! The queens confess what they stole from the Werk Room. Binge season 12 on WOW Presents Plus, and tune-in for All Stars 5 premiere on June 5!

  • Never Before Seen Looks

    Season 12 queens prepare for the finale! The gals show us some of their favorite looks that never made it to the mainstage. Binge season 12 on WOW Presents Plus, and tune-in for All Stars 5 premiere on June 5!

  • AJ and the Queen Panel with RuPaul, Jujubee, and Trinity The Tuck!

    Ru chats with Trinity the Tuck and Jujubee about their time on AJ and the Queen at the first DragCon UK 2020!

  • Tucking Tips with Trinity Taylor

    Trinity the Tuck shows you the tips and tricks to get the perfect tuck!

  • Trinity Taylor

    The body is here! Trinity Taylor from RuPaul's Drag Race season 9 reads mysterious and tantalizing Craigslist missed connection profiles.

  • Grindr

    Jinx Monsoon and "son" Kamikaze discuss dating on Grindr.

  • Internet Slang

    Jinkx Monsoon from RuPaul's Drag Race season 5 covers the intricacies of internet slang with her son on Cool Mom!