Monét's Herstory X Change

Monét's Herstory X Change

5 Episodes

Monét spills the real tea about the story behind the history we all think we know. From American history, pirate myths, to nursery rhymes, Monét is here to remind us that reading about history is what? Fundamental.

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Monét's Herstory X Change
  • American Revolution

    Episode 1

    The library is open and Monét is checking out every history book they've got. Facts are facts.

  • Pilgrims

    Episode 2

    Ms. X Change is here to teach the children the CORRECT version of history...well, close enough.

  • Nursery Rhymes

    Episode 3

    Turns out nursery rhymes are seriously dark. Like applying to grad school dark.

  • Pirates

    Episode 4

    Professor Monét lets you know what REALLY went down with those dirty pirates!

  • Cowboys

    Episode 5

    Monét X Change tells you the TRUTH (mostly) about the history of cowboys!