Morning T&T

Morning T&T

2 Seasons

The Vivienne and Baga Chipz star as Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher in this irreverent take on the morning talk show format. Morning T&T goes off the rails with bigly guests and huuuge topics. It’s the pinnacle of morning television!

Morning T&T
  • REAL News and Graceful Brexits

    Episode 1

    It’s three past the hour, which means it’s time for your favorite leaders to talk about nonsense! Join 'King of America' Donald Trump and 'Nicest Prime Minister Britain Has Ever Seen' Margaret Thatcher for the premiere episode of their absolutely insane talk show!

  • A Witch Hunt

    Episode 2

    Trump and Thatcher fulfill their legally mandated Kim quota and educate the public on Witch Hunts.

  • On the Air?

    Episode 3

    Trump and Thatcher learn valuable lessons about hosting a live television show and the fine nuances surrounding the sport of golf.

  • Salty Salty

    Trump takes sex enhancing drugs and Thatcher digs her teeth into a burger. Plus: All the information about an octogenarian's sex life you could ever want! (Unless you're like... really into grandpas)

  • Dead and Loving It

    Episode 5

    Trump and Thatcher discuss muuuurder and learn some killer exercise moves.

  • Cancelled?!?

    Episode 6

    Trump and Thatcher receive some news that concerns them personally and react to messages of support from their adoring fans.

  • Morning T&T at RuPaul’s DragCon UK 2020!

    Drag Race UK Season 1 sisters The Vivienne and Baga Chipz talk all things Morning T and T, their UK sisters, and an exciting surprise - even to Baga!