Night Fever

Night Fever

3 Seasons

Join James St. James and co-hosts Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato as they talk to the leading New York nightlife figures of the 1970s, '80s, '90s, and beyond. Featured guests include Dianne Brill, Michael Musto, Peter Gatien, Lisa Edelstein, Moby, and Joey Arias among others. It's campy, it's gossipy, it's jaw-droppingly funny...definitely must-hear podcasting.

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Night Fever
  • Episode 1 – Dianne Brill

    Episode 1

    In episode one, we speak to Forever Queen of the Night Dianne Brill about her dazzling ‘80s-era clubland success and how she navigated the sexual politics of the scene. We discuss her favorite looks, favorite parties, and her legendary friendships with Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith...

  • Episode 2 – Michael Musto

    Episode 2

    Episode two is a rollicking talk with iconic New York nightlife journalist Michael Musto, who has had a raaaaaather tumultuous relationship with James St James. Topics include a wild party on a sinking barge in the Hudson River... his memories of Studio 54 and being mentored by Warhol Superstar S...

  • Episode 3 – Lisa Edelstein

    Episode 3

    Fenton, Randy, and James St. James sit down with James' partner-in-crime from undergrad at NYU in the '80s, Lisa Edelstein (known also as the legendary "Lisa E."). They discuss Lisa and James' meticulous scheme to take the downtown club scene by storm, a diary that James kept with a detailed reco...

  • Episode 4 - Peter Gatien

    Episode 4

    Peter Gatien tells the riveting story of his rise to Club King of the '80s and '90s, from his purchase of a gay club in south Florida to hosting artists like the Village People, Nas, Lil' Kim, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many more at his New York clubs. Ultimately, he brings us through how Rud...

  • Episode 5 - Ernie Glam

    Episode 5

    The guys sit down with Ernie Glam, the ultimate Club Kid extraordinaire. Covering everything from Ernie's experience with drugs and eventual sobriety, his relationship with Michael Alig up until Michael's death, and the rise and fall of Clara the Chicken, this episode is a much needed catch-up be...

  • Episode 6 - Waltpaper

    Episode 6

    The famous Waltpaper, also known as Walt Cassidy, spills about his deep friendship with Michael Alig, the rivalry between drag queens and Club Kids, and the development of "Heroin Chic" in the early '90s.

  • Episode 7 - Rudolf Piper

    Episode 7

    The dynamic Rudolf Piper sits down with Fenton and James all the way from Sao Paulo--"the New York of South America"--to share how he became a legendary night club director. From opening a discotheque in Berlin in the 60s, to running the Palladium and Tunnel in the 80s and 90s, and finally throug...

  • Episode 8 - Luis "Xtravaganza" Camacho

    Episode 8

    Category is, ballroom! The absolutely fabulous Luis "Xtravaganza" Camacho brings juicy stories to this week's episode. He, Randy, Fenton, and James gush about teaching Madonna how to vogue, being in the documentary Strike a Pose, and the six other Madonna dancers who became his family.

  • Episode 9 - Moby

    Episode 9

    This week, Fenton, Randy, and James chat with the legendary, iconic Moby. After getting his start as a DJ at Rudolf Piper's club Mars, Moby quickly spinned into stardom: releasing his hit "Go", transcending rooms of sweaty Club Kids, and ultimately, journeying through sobriety and beyond.

  • Episode 10 - Joey Arias

    Episode 10

    For our Season One finale, Fenton, Randy, and James catch up with the magnificent Joey Arias. An artist and singer extraordinaire, Joey hit the '80s and '90s NYC club scene with a bang, performing with icons like Bowie and Klaus Nomi, befriending Andy Warhol, and more.