Puff Puff Sessions

Puff Puff Sessions

2 Seasons

Langanja Estranja shares the benefits of Marijuana while getting blazed with some of her best Judys!

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Puff Puff Sessions
  • Arend Richard

    Episode 1

    Death Drop Dancing Diva Laganja Estranja from season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race takes on The Gay Stoner Arend Richard in a few challenges after having a few "kikis"!

  • Team Too Much

    Episode 2

    Team Too Much play games, share choreography, and test the effects of marijuana.

  • Gottmik

    Episode 3

    Laganja and Gottmik use untraditional materials to apply makeup on a model to test the effects of marijuana!

  • Brett Hartmann

    Episode 4

    Laganja and Brett play a game to test the effects of marijuana!

  • Jasmine Masters

    Episode 5

    Langaja and Jasmine bust myths about Drag!

  • Grant Vanderbilt

    Episode 6

    Laganja invites Grant Vanderbilt to stone while stoned!

  • The Gay Stoner

    Episode 7

    Laganja Estranja give The Gay Stoner a makeover!

  • Magic with Raja

    Episode 8

    Laganja and special guest Raja show each other their magic tricks!