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Up Next in Season 1

  • Cry Wolf

    Two Australian boys are playing their favorite game — "International Rescue" — when their "distress" call is picked up by John Tracy on Thunderbird 5. After a tour of Tracy Island, and a warning not to use their radio again, the brothers are returned home. The Hood then tricks the boys into an ol...

  • Danger at Ocean Deep

    When the Ocean Pioneer tanker inexplicably explodes, Brains investigates the cause. With some help from Lady Penelope, he discovers it to be a chemical reaction between the cargo of liquid alsterene and OD60, which is found in the sea. International Rescue set out to save the crew of the ill-fate...

  • Move - And You're Dead

    After Alan Tracy returns to motor-racing, his rivals decide to remove the competition by rigging a bridge with a movement-sensitive bomb, which will explode the moment that Alan and Grandma Tracy try to escape. (Some of this episode is narrated in flashback.)