6 Seasons

World of Wonder's original makeover web series "Transformations" starring clubkid/author James St James and a slew of talented makup artists and stylists.

  • Darrell Thorne

    Episode 1

    Darrell Thorne transforms James St. James on this final New York episode of Transformations!

  • Landon Cider

    Episode 2

    The first Drag King on Transformations, Landon Cider transforms James St. James into a Lumbersexual, masculine, manly, man!

  • Melanie Mills

    Episode 3

    Emmy award winning makeup artist, Melanie Mills transforms James St. James into an ice princess!

  • Patrick Starrr

    Episode 4

    Makeup artist, YouTube sensation, and Instagram celeb, Patrick Starrr transforms James St. James on this episode of Transformations!

  • Skarlet Starlet

    Episode 5

    James St. James collabs with one of our WOWPresents network partners, Skarlet Starlet! She turns James into the bearded lady at a freak show (not Kathy Bates!)

  • Sylva Hattington and Alexia Petre

    Episode 6

    Sylva Hattington and Alexia Petre gives James St. James a very special Valentine's Day makeover on this special Valentine's Day edition of Transformations!

  • Lyndon Glitterfuck

    Episode 7

    Lyndon Glitterfck gives James St. James a Mardi Gras Transformation!

  • Katelyn Simkins

    Episode 8

    Katelyn Simkins (who did the makeup for Adore Delano and Sharon Needles' music videos) turns James St. James into a beautiful flapper girl from the 20's!

  • Anna Bortion

    Episode 9

    Anna Bortion transforms James St. James into an intergalactic mermaid on this episode of Transformations!

  • Jer Ber Jones

    Episode 10

    Jer Ber Jones transforms James St. James into an infamous Michael on this episode of Transformations!

  • Raven - 100th Episode!

    Episode 11

    In the 100th episode of Transformations, Raven returns to the Transformation studios to Toot and Boot some of James' past looks, then give him a lovely cherry blossom makeover. Check him out: He is SNATCHED FOR THE GODS. Then, stick around because dozens of former Transformations guests send thei...

  • Bonus Episode: Toot & Boot

    Episode 12

    Here is a little Transformations 100th episode bonus! James St. James along with Raven from RuPaul's Drag Race Fashion Photo RuView TOOT and BOOT past looks from episodes of Transformations!

  • Joseph Harwood

    Episode 13

    Yummy Youtube superstar Joseph Harwood stopped by the Transformation studio to give James St James a soft and feminine makeover.

  • Vanity Venom

    Episode 14

    Vanity Venom – from Sherwood Forest in the UK! – gives James an “Elizabethan-meets-punk-rock-meets-Vivienne-Westwood-at-a-clubkid-party” makeover. It features newspaper eyelashes, Union Jack eyeshadow, and a fabulous wig shaped by a balloon.

  • Gabe Wing

    Episode 15

    Gabe Wing (aka Natalia Flores) transforms James St. James into a (literal) "16 Candles" inspired Molly Ringwald from Hell!

  • Deja Nouveau

    Episode 16

    Seattle starlet Deja Nouveau transforms James St. James in to a sherbet-inspired sovereign.

  • Argenis Pinal

    Episode 17

    James found Argenis Pinal via Instagram because of his unique style of painting 2-dimensional comic book faces. Watch him turn James into an old man; he looks like his father!

  • Sissy Spastik Returns!

    Episode 18

    Chicago's own Sissy Spastik returns to the Transformations studio this week to give James a sparkly blue and red makeover, inspired by the legendary Pat McGrath's work on the 2015 Givenchy runway show.

  • Trixie Mattel

    Episode 19

    Trixie Mattel from RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 gives James her iconic look, that will leave you gagging!

  • Meth
    Episode 20


    Episode 20

    UK drag queen staple, Meth transforms James into a meth-head, literally! Watch to see the surprise guest from Hollywood Blvd that will keep them on their toes.

  • Dehsarae Mahrae Returns!

    Episode 21

    It's another all-new episode of Transformations today, with special guest Dehsarae Mahrae – back for a second time! – doing a drippy, drizzly, abstract sort of "splatter face" that she first invented to cover up a makeup look that had gone wrong.

  • Kennedy Davenport

    Episode 22

    Pageant queen extraordinaire and top 4 contestant from RuPaul's Drag Race season 7, Kennedy Davenport transforms James St. James into a high-whore drag look!

  • Violet Chachki

    Episode 23

    RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 winner Violet Chachki transforms James into an elderly demented burlesque diva. One of Violet's dusty-old chachki's!

  • Jackie Beat

    Episode 24

    The LEGENDARY Jackie Beat gives James her signature "Beat" on this episode of Transformations!