What's My Game?

What's My Game?

8 Episodes

A star has arrived north of the border and she's bringing her name and her game into your home! Introducing the latest craze in the game show genre, What's My Game? featuring the winner of Canada’s Drag Race, Priyanka! Each week a drag queen and a celebrity will go head to head. Who will win? Join the fun to find out!

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What's My Game?
  • Nina West vs. Dustin Milligan

    Episode 1

    It’s a family reunion! The premiere episode kicks off with Schitt's Creek star Dustin Milligan and his drag mother Nina West. While host Priyanka takes the contestants on the wildest ride in game show herstory. This week it’s all about peckers, prizes and Pri!

  • Heidi N Closet vs. Allie X

    Episode 2

    Singer, songwriter, and starlet, Allie X goes head to head with RuPaul's Drag Race fan-favorite, Heidi N Closet! Hosted by Priyanka, with a special cameo from Brooke Lynn Hytes, you don't miss a beat of the game show everyone is talking about.

  • BOA vs Marissa Jaret Winokur

    Episode 3

    Good morning, Baltimore! Priyanka is joined by Broadway baby and competitive queen Marissa Jaret Winokur, and her dear friend BOA - complete with lip filler and a smurf wig. Watch them go head to head, because only one will come out victorious.

  • Nicky Doll vs. Traci Melchor

    Episode 4

    Sacré bleu - it’s about to get shady up in here. Magnifique queen Nicky Doll and Canada’s best squirrel friend Traci Melchor go head to head in this week's episode of What’s My Game!

  • Bob the Drag Queen vs Matthew Wilkas

    Episode 5

    This week, Priyanka is joined by AJ and the Queen actor Matthew Wilkas, and rising star Bob the Drag Queen. Prepare yourselves - it's about to get shady in here.

  • Rock M. Sakura vs. Margaret Cho

    Episode 6

    Can we get a gay man up in here? Season 12 icon Rock M Sakura and comedy genius Margaret Cho join What’s-Her-Name for another rousing round of What’s My Game!

  • Widow Von'Du vs. Joel Kim Booster

    Episode 7

    Comedian and actor Joel Kim Booster faces off against RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 star Widow Von'Du for a round of lip-syncs, laughter and love! Find out who steals Joel's shirt this week on What's My Game!

  • Alaska vs Brittany Broski

    Episode 8

    On the season finale of What's My Game the queen of Tik Tok, Brittany Broski is up against All Stars winner, Alaska. Hilarity ensues with faux British accents, boobs and babes!