Why R Humans?

Why R Humans?

4 Episodes

In the future humans are extinct and robots rule the world. A sentient slot machine, lamp and jackhammer are members of the robot high council. They have unearthed ancient video chats of human celebrities sharing stories of sex, love, and money. In an effort to understand their creators better, the robots watch these time capsules of humanity and ask themselves: Why R Humans?

Why R Humans?
  • Sex
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Robots in a post apocalyptic future try to figure out what made their humans tick. The first mystery they want to unravel is why do humans have sex? Luckily they have some old chat room sessions of different comedians telling some steamy stories.

  • Money

    Episode 2

    When you're a robot in 2244, money is, well, less crucial for survival. This week, our robot pals try to figure out why humans thought flimsy pieces of paper were worth so much. And of course, they're taking a look at the old chat room sessions for answers!

  • Emotions

    Episode 3

    Well folks, they’re tackling the big one. This week (in 2244), robots are trying to decipher the most confusing human traits of all: emotions. Turns out it’s not just a Destiny’s Child song - who knew?

  • Popularity

    Episode 4

    The dictionary has its own definition of popularity, but the robots can't read, so they're stuck doing their own research. Join your favorite bots as they take a deep dive into the ultimate social currency.