Yvie's Odd School

Yvie's Odd School

6 Episodes

Yvie Oddly teaches us how to create some of her most imaginative and well, odd, looks!

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Yvie's Odd School
  • Storms Off In Jellyfish

    In the premiere episode of Yvie's Odd School, Yvie teaches us how to turn her iconic jellyfish look!

  • Alternative Wigging Out

    Episode 2

    Yvie shows us how to make wigs out of anything except hair!

  • Quick Drag with Monique Heart!

    Episode 3

    The winner of Season 11 and the Heart of Season 10 create five minute looks from supplies they found in the depths of the WOW basement!

  • Putting On Aerials

    Episode 4

    Our Odd School teacher becomes the student in an aerial class! This week, Yvie learns some tips and tricks about aerial acrobatics.

  • Dollar Store Drag

    Episode 5

    Grab your piggy bank and call a couple friends - Yvie shows us how a trip to the dollar store can result in some fabulous drag!

  • Special Effects Hacks

    Yvie teams up with special effects artist Gage Munster to make her look like a hundred thousand bucks!