Alyssa's Secret

Alyssa's Secret

6 Seasons

Alyssa's Secret is a series starring the shining star of RuPaul's Drag Race, Alyssa Edwards. In each episode she spills the T on an array of topics.

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Alyssa's Secret
  • Worst Date

    Episode 1

    Alyssa shares the worst date she's ever been on - and at a Red Lobster, of all places!

  • Bynes or Lohan

    Episode 2

    Alyssa picks her favorite between Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan.

  • Acting

    Episode 3

    Alyssa shares her secrets on acting.

  • Honey Boo Boo or a Kardashian

    Episode 4

    Is Alyssa a Honey Boo Boo, or is she serving Kardashian realness?

  • The Orgasm

    Episode 5

    Alyssa shares her O-face - among other things.

  • Shady Queens

    Episode 6

    Alyssa spills the tea on the best ways to deal with shady queens.

  • On Dance

    Episode 7

    Alyssa shares her thoughts on dancing.

  • Top 5 Dating Tips

    Episode 8

    Alyssa shares her top 5 dating tips, from getting ready to sealing the deal!

  • Message to Kate Middleton

    Episode 9

    Alyssa has a special message for Kate Middleton.

  • Mirror Mirror

    Episode 10

    Alyssa is living for the mirror - and the fabulous woman in it!

  • Bloopers Part 1

    Episode 11

    Even Alyssa makes mistakes sometimes! Watch some of our favorite Alyssa outtakes.

  • Word Association

    Episode 12

    Alyssa plays around some word association - no tongue pops allowed!

  • Sex in Drag

    Episode 13

    We're all born naked, but does Alyssa enjoy sex in drag?

  • Alyssa-isms Part 1

    Episode 14

    Some of our favorite "Alyssa-isms," explained.

  • Prank Call

    Episode 15

    Is your refrigerator running? Alyssa makes some prank phone calls.

  • Alyssa-isms Part 2

    Episode 16

    Some more of our favorite "Alyssa-isms," explained.

  • Impressions

    Episode 17

    It's a Snatch Game redo! Alyssa does some impressions.

  • Dinner Party

    Episode 18

    Alyssa plans the perfect dinner party from top to bottom!

  • Accents

    Episode 19

    Alyssa demonstrates a few accents.

  • Bloopers Part 2

    Episode 20

    Some more of our favorite Alyssa outtakes.

  • Air Travel

    Episode 21

    Boy, are her arms tired! Alyssa shares a crazy travel story.

  • Coming Out

    Episode 22

    She wants the world to know! Alyssa shares her coming out story.

  • Vivienne Pinay's Halloween Takeover

    Episode 23

    VIVIE! It’s Halloween! Vivienne gives us her best Alyssa impersonation. It's SCARY how accurate it is.

  • Vivienne

    Episode 24

    Vivienne is always ready for anything - and she needs to be with Miss Alyssa!