Alyssa's Secret

Alyssa's Secret

6 Seasons

Alyssa's Secret is a series starring the shining star of RuPaul's Drag Race, Alyssa Edwards. In each episode she spills the T on an array of topics.

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Alyssa's Secret
  • Worst Fears

    Episode 1

    Is it snakes? Spiders? Or loneliness? Alyssa shares her worst fears.

  • Guilty Pleasures

    Episode 2

    Get yourself a slice of cake and turn on the reality TV - Alyssa shares some guilty pleasures.

  • Vivienne Pinay's Thanksgiving Takeover

    Episode 3

    We’re thankful for Vivienne Pinay and her iconic Alyssa Edwards impersonation.

  • Tongue Popping 101

    Episode 4

    Class is in session! Learn to tongue pop from the master.

  • Twitter Questions Part 1

    Episode 5

    The fans are dying to know all of @AlyssaEdwards_1 #Secrets

  • Pearly Gates

    Episode 6

    On this all-new episode of Alyssa's Secret, Alyssa discusses what she imagines it will be like when she enters the pearly gates of Heaven! It's probably the most extravagant thing you'll hear all week!

  • Vivienne Pinay's Holiday Takeover

    Episode 7

    Did you ask for more Vivienne Pinay for Christmas? We sure did!

  • Happy New Year

    Episode 8

    Happy New Year! Alyssa recaps 2013.