Avalon TV

Avalon TV

6 Episodes

Avalon TV is an off-the-wall, over-the-top, and under-the-wig series that takes you inside the brains of LA’s hottest creative collective, The House of Avalon. Whether it’s fashion, nightlife, drag, art, comedy, or media – this chosen family is creating one iconic pop culture moment after another, and skyrocketing to success by their own set of rules. Symone, Gigi Goode, Marko Monroe, Hunter Crenshaw, Grant Vanderbilt, Caleb, and Rylie star in this genre bending series filled with real life drama, pranks, parties, and celebrity guests galore.

Avalon TV
  • The Girl With the Golden Gaff

    Episode 1

    Meet the House of Avalon: Symone, Gigi Goode, Hunter Crenshaw, Marko Monroe, Grant Vanderbilt, Caleb, and Rylie. HOA takes Manhattan for the Met Gala, Fall Fashion Week, and the VMAs. Sam and Pat dine at Olive Gayarden. Dance Moms icon, Abby Lee Miller, visits “On Tonight!”. And clones attack on ...

  • Fifty Load SugarTank

    Episode 2

    Rylie wants to do Hoe Shit with your man. Sasha Colby satisfies your cravings at SugarTank. Ts Madison gets Cozy “On Tonight!”. Sam and Pat dine at Olive Gayarden. And things get Johnny bananas on Dragass!

  • Mallory’s Cheese Danish

    Episode 3

    Symone, Gigi, and Marko jet off to Milan and Paris for Fashion Week. Live broadcast of the 2023 Miss Cornfield Pageant. Rickey Thompson and Colton Haynes trade off in the hot seat “On Tonight!”. And Rylie hits the streets of Hollywood.

  • There Goes the Neighborhood

    Episode 4

    Hunter and Marko celebrate their Valentine's Day anniversary over hot dogs, then the House throws a Gloss to remember. Winner of Big Brother 24 Taylor Hale and country superstar Orville Peck join Symone "On Tonight!". The Last Supper burns a few bridges.

  • I Know What You Did

    Episode 5

    Gigi Goode undergoes fat transfer breast augmentation surgery in full glam, under twilight anesthesia. Sam and Pat miss their flight to Portland. The House poses for Sensitive Content Magazine. Nicole Byer and Dominique Jackson join Symone “On Tonight!”.

  • Make it Last Forever Daddy

    Episode 6

    It's the season finale of Avalon TV, y'all! Symone sits down with World of Wonder co-President Fenton Bailey and model/fashion designer Isis King "On Tonight!". The House throws a Strawberry Social. Is it sweet-tea or pee-pee? Gigi, Rylie, and Symone date around on Chosen Family Matters.