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Can Do Queens with Asia and Kameron

Can Do Queens with Asia and Kameron

7 Episodes

Watch as Season 10 queens, Asia O'Hara and Kameron Michaels prove that Drag Queens Can Do Anything!

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Can Do Queens with Asia and Kameron
  • Can The Queens Do Christmas?

    Asia O'Hara and Kameron Michaels are here to prove there's nothing they can't do this Christmas!

  • Can the Queens Build IKEA Furniture?

    Episode 2

    Join us in our new series, Can Do Queens, where besties Asia O'Hara and Kameron Michaels try to broaden their horizons, one episode at a time!

  • Can the Queens Get Fit?

    Asia and Kameron head down to TrainingMate to get schooled in the art of fitness! And if you think they’re taking off the heels for this, mama, you’re in for an ankle-breaking surprise.

  • Can the Queens Wrestle?

    The gals square up against each other in all kinds of wrestling, from thumb wars to trash talking. It’s on!

  • Can the Queens Escape?

    Kameron and Asia try their hand at an ooky spooky escape room, just in time for Halloween!

  • Can the Queens Play Drinking Games?

    The jury’s out - can the queens play drinking games? Or drink beer at all? Join these queens as they discover just how much they missed out on by not joining frats in college.

  • Can the Queens Work at Clubs?

    Episode 7

    They can lip sync the house down, but can the queens flip burgers in the kitchen, or make mojitos? Kameron and Asia head to Micky’s WeHo to find out.