Drag Me to the Movies

Drag Me to the Movies

8 Episodes

A star studded cast of queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race parodies your favorite blockbuster hits, transforming the movies you love in a whole new gender bending way. Drag Me to the Movies premieres May 15! Starring Crystal Methyd, Daya Betty, Ginger Minj, Jaymes Mansfield, Jimbo, Jujubee, Mayhem Miller, and Shea Couleé. Parodying films: A Star is Born, Devil Wears Prada, Knives Out, Real Housewives, Scream, Silence of the Lambs, Sense & Sensibility, Showgirls, Spiderman, Top Gun, and Wizard of Oz.

Drag Me to the Movies
  • A Star is Spawned

    Episode 1

    A classic love story of a famous country star (Ginger Minj) falling for an unknown singer, possessed by the devil (Jujubee). But as the devil’s fame skyrockets, the other falls deeper into addiction. Will the lovers make it work before the apocalypse burns everything to ash? Love is Hell. Literal...

  • Yelling Loudly

    Episode 2

    A killer is on the loose! High school best friends, Kelly Mantle and Crystal Methyd, may be going to the morgue instead of the prom. In order to survive, these queens don’t need to “Scream.” They need to “Yell Loudly.” Shantay, the killer always slays.

  • The Silence of the Prada

    Episode 3

    After a string of slayings - the bad kind - an unstylish FBI detective (Shea Couleé) seeks advice from self-proclaimed cannibal Miranda Beastly (Jimbo) of Runway Magazine. Two film worlds collide in this parody mashup that will leave you hungry for flesh but with a taste for fashion.

  • The Wizard of Charisma Uniqueness Nerve & Talent

    Episode 4

    Twinks and Liars and Bears ... oh my! Dorothy (Daya Betty) is tired of the boring guys in Kansas and hops on a tornado to the land of Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent. She really wants to hook up with The Wizard, but Splenda, the Good Bitch of the North (Jaymes Mansfield), and the Wicked Bitc...


    Episode 5

    The faster you go, the GAYer you get. Jujubee and Ginger Minj are fighter pilots on a mission to glitter bomb the straightest place on earth… Florida! To come out on TOP these queens need to be a VERS BTM GUN.

  • The Real Housewives of the Red Onion

    Episode 6

    Money, Mansions and Murder! Kelly Mantle and Crystal Methyd play dual roles in this Knives Out / Real Housewives mashup. At this reunion the Housewives will be spilling the tea and blood.

  • Spider-lady: of the Evening

    Episode 7

    After a spider bite, lady of the night Petra Parker (Shea Couleé) gains superpowers to protect her street corner from the evil Knobgoblin (Jimbo).

  • Showgirls & Sensibility

    Episode 8

    Nomi Dashwood (Jaymes Mansfield) arrives in Worcestershirebergen with only a suitcase and a dream - of DANCING! With the help of her cousin Molly (Mayhem Miller) she must beat Lady Cristal Connors (Daya Betty) in order to win the Stardust Manor Pageant ...and the heart of a wealthy suitor.