Drag Race España

Drag Race España

3 Seasons

Drag Race España is looking for Spain's Next Drag Superstar! The queens must participate in photo, dance, and artistic challenges plus musical performances to prove they are the best in their field. Every week, there will be mini challenges and maxi challenges that will put all their abilities to the test. The end of each episode always consists of a grand spectacle where the queens show off their best runway looks based on that week's category.

Drag Race España
  • The New Presentation

    Episode 1

    Season 2 kicks off with 12 new queens, an artistic first mini challenge, and a double runway.

  • Supremme Elegant Talent Extravaganza

    Episode 2

    The library is open – already! And we put on our first ever Spanish talent show.

  • Putricia's Diary

    Episode 3

    The queens get messy in the mini challenge – The Game of the Goose. And the tea is served on our chat show Diary of Putricia.

  • The Drag Calling

    Episode 4

    It's our first ever musical – brought to us by our very own musical maestros Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo!

  • Snatch Game - España Season 2

    Episode 5

    Wigs will fly in our poetry recital mini challenge then it’s the moment of truth with Snatch Game.

  • Spanish Ball - 10th, 20th, and 30th Century

    Episode 6

    We are throwing a Ball, and a construction challenge, and the theme is Spain across 3 centuries.

  • Come to Spain!

    Episode 7

    The sumos are coming in our giant-sized mini challenge. And the queens create their own publicity campaigns to bring the thirsty post-pandemic tourists back to Spain.

  • Comedy Club Roast

    Episode 8

    Everyone loves… Spanish puppets! And our comedy club queens roast some very special guests – the stars of season 1.

  • Golden Boys Makeover

    Episode 9

    Don’t touch that! As our mini challenge enters the danger zone, we make over the gay retirees who founded Spain's first LGBTQ old folks' home.

  • The Reunion - España Season 2

    Episode 10

    As we get ready for next week's Grand Finale, the queens return to discuss the season’s most memorable moments.

  • Take Me to Heaven

    Episode 11

    The final is here and an all-singing, all-dancing spectacle will help decide who is our next Spanish Drag Superstar!

  • The Coronation - España Season 2

    Episode 12

    In a bonus to the incredible second season of Drag Race España, we relive last week's revealing of the crowned queen to the finalists.