Drag Race France

Drag Race France

8 Episodes

France is looking for her Drag Queen Superstar!

Each week, our queens are subjected to rigorous and funny mini and maxi challenges... and exceptional fashion shows that highlight their art. To keep their place in the adventure, the two queens at the bottom of the rankings will have to perform a legendary lip-sync to save their lives!

Drag Race France
  • Bonjour, Bonjour, Bonjour

    Episode 1

    It’s the first day in the werkroom! In the premiere episode, the ten queens discover the world of Drag Race France and show off their greatest talents in the maxi challenge.

  • Queen Pour Cent

    Episode 2

    Today the queens will have to show themselves in a different light and play comedy in a parody of “Call My Agent.”

  • French Ball

    Episode 3

    France, the country of fashion and chic! In this episode, our queens will have to accept a "haute couture" challenge and try to win their place for the rest of the season.

  • Snatch Game - France Season 1

    Episode 4

    It's time for our queens to show what they're capable of in the iconic Snatch Game challenge!

  • Popstars

    Episode 5

    6 queens, 2 musical groups! Who will win the title of best girl band?

  • Un Parfum de Drag

    Episode 6

    The queens still in the race have to compete in a very fragrant maxi challenge! Who will do the best advertising? Who will be eliminated following the lip sync challenge?

  • Sororité

    Episode 7

    This week, the queens transform one of their relatives into their drag sisters for the makeover challenge!

  • Grand Finale - France Season 1

    Episode 8

    The remaining queens give everything to try to win the crown and the scepter! All the season's former queens return to watch the coronation.