Drag Race Germany

Drag Race Germany

12 Episodes

The long wait is over, Drag Race Germany is finally here, hosted by Barbie Breakout and Gianni Jovanovic, with judge Dianne Brill. 11 Drag Queens from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland compete for the title of Germany's Next Drag Superstar and a cash prize of €100,000.

Drag Race Germany
  • Willkommen in Deutschland

    Episode 1

    11 drag queens celebrate the start of Drag Race Germany with host Barbie Breakout and the resident judges: Gianni Jovanovic and Dianne Brill. Rapper Shirin David guest judges.

  • Fetish

    Episode 2

    The second episode gets funny and sexy! After the Lip Sync battle, the first queen is eliminated.

  • Dragort: The Rusical

    Episode 3

    The queens sing and dance for all they're worth in "Dragort" - the crime Rusical. Then on the runway, they present "Glitter-Party" looks.

  • Funny Shops

    Episode 4

    There are a lot of reads in the mini-challenge, and 1,000 Angela Merkel looks on the runway.

  • Barbie Salesh

    Episode 5

    The queens guess terms in "Drag Zack Zack", and the theme of the runway is "Rave Parade". The goodbye message on the mirror from the eliminated queen leaves a special mark.

  • Snatch Game - Germany Season 1

    Episode 6

    The queens compete in a makeup mini challenge and play the Snatch Game. Dinner is served on the runway.

  • Poor But Sexy

    Episode 7

    The queens create a rock star groupie look out of trash for the German Ball.

  • Comedy Roast

    Episode 8

    The queens compete in a comedy roast and hairy affairs are on display.

  • Web Show

    Episode 9

    The queens star in web shows and then present themselves as opera divas on the runway.

  • Dirndl Makeover

    Episode 10

    The remaining queens give four superfans a drag-tastic dirndl makeover, and it will determine who makes it into the finals.

  • The Reunion - Germany Season 1

    Episode 11

    The queens return to talk about the special moments and emotional highlights of the show.

  • Grand Finale - Germany Season 1

    Episode 12

    The last three queens fight for the crown and the 100,000 Euro prize by performing RuPaul's hit song "Call Me Mother" and showing off their best looks on the runway.