Drag Race Mexico

Drag Race Mexico

2 Seasons

Drag Race Mexico is a reality show in which thirteen drag queens compete for a cash prize, a scepter, and a crown but mainly, for the title of Mexico’s next drag superstar. The queens face each other in a series of creative and acting challenges, including fashion runways, live performances, and music video recordings; all of this as they try to impress the judge’s panel and avoid elimination. The queens will use their talent and personality to make it to the grand finale and compete in a lip-sync battle to snatch the crown.

Drag Race Mexico
  • My Land

    Episode 1

    The queens enter the Werkroom and get to know each other for the first time, preparing for the Sexy Piñata Mini Challenge. Then, they must dazzle the judges on the runway, showing where they come from. The category is: Mi Tierra. Christian Chavez guest judges.

  • My Drag Quinceañera

    Episode 2

    The queens are faced with a Maxi Challenge that will test their originality and their ability to design with unconventional materials (and make them work all night long). They build a Quinceañera dress with party materials and convince the judges, including guest judge Rojstar, that their look is...

  • Drag Business

    Episode 3

    The queens must work as a team. In the Mini Challenge, they will face each other in pairs to see who can devour the most tacos in the shortest time; for the Maxi Challenge, they must write a script for a publicity spot for a drag-related business. On the runway, the category is “La Noche de las M...

  • Dragapulco Shore: The Rusical

    Episode 4

    The library is open! It's time for the queens to sharpen their tongues, because the iconic Reading is Fundamental Mini Challenge is here. As if that wasn't enough, this week the queens work on the Rusical, “Dragapulco Shore,” and impress guest judge, Karime Pindter. On the runway, the category is...

  • Girl Band

    Episode 5

    In the Mini Challenge, each queen must drag a pair of traditional picudas boots and then pull out their best dance moves. In the Maxi Challenge, the queens form two girl bands, and each group must compose their own song and create their own choreography. On the runway, the category is Flowers of ...

  • Snatch Game – Mexico Season 1

    Episode 6

    The Mini Challenge surprises the queens and takes them out of their comfort zone, as they must make themselves up as Catrinas...without mirrors! But if this seems difficult...wait for what's next. One of the most dreaded challenges for many of the queens is the Snatch Game! The runway category is...

  • Mexican Telenovela

    Episode 7

    The queens face a great acting challenge, where they act as the evilest villains in history in Telenovela Villa-no Más. In their most spectacular runway of the season, the category is: three telenovela dresses, one story, with guest judge, Alan Estrada.

  • Levi’s Runway

    Episode 8

    The queens face off in the wrestling ring against each other. In the Maxi Challenge, they transform Levi’s into runway-worthy couture and guest judge Mabel Cadena helps decide who designed their look best!

  • Spicy Roast

    Episode 9

    The Everybody Loves Puppets Mini Challenge brings to light more than one truth that no one dared to say. In the Maxi Challenge, we find out who the true comedy queens are. Guest judge Manu NNa joins the judging panel. This week, the runway gets very spicy.

  • Latinas Makeover

    Episode 10

    Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela present four new drag queens, which test the four semi-finalists’ skills to transform these newcomers. With the help of their new drag daughters, their runway presentation will determine who goes to the finale. Laura Carmine guest judges.

  • The Reunion – Mexico Season 1

    Episode 11

    The eliminated queens and finalists get a chance to talk sincerely with Lolita and Valentina, and discuss the best moments of the season. None of the four finalists can hold back tears after receiving messages of support from their families and friends. Who will be crowned Miss Congeniality?

  • Grand Finale - Mexico Season 1

    Episode 12

    A season full of emotions and talent comes to an end. The final interviews with Lolita and Valentina open a window into the souls of the queens and their lives outside the competition. On the runway, the finalists show their best drag looks and why they deserve to be on top.