Drag Race Sverige (Sweden)

Drag Race Sverige (Sweden)

8 Episodes

Sweden enters the world's most sought-after drag queen competition! Nine talented drag queens are ready to fight for the glamorous title of the Queen of Drag Race Sverige. Who has what it takes to stay, and who will be forced to leave the competition? Hosted by Robert Fux with judges Farao Groth and Kayo.

Drag Race Sverige (Sweden)
  • Start Your Engines!

    Episode 1

    The queens meet each other for the first time in the Werkroom. There is a change of weather and midsummer chaos, and on the runway, Robert Fux wants to see two looks. On the judging panel are Kayo, Farao Groth and guest judge Daniela Rathana.

  • MARATHON Talent Hunt

    Episode 2

    The competition is gearing up! On the runway, the queens put on a talent show and show off their best "Longstocking Extravaganza" look. Siw Malmkvist and Tone Sekelius join the judging panel.

  • Drag-a'-mera!

    Episode 3

    This week, the queens turn trash into brilliant showstopping looks. Robert Fux challenges the contestants to a tough sewing and glue gun battle against the clock. Kayo is joined on the front row by Vogue's Swedish couture darling, Fredrik Robertsson, and Christer "King of Queens" Lindarw.

  • Snatch Game - Sverige Season 1

    Episode 4

    The time has come for the challenge all Drag Race fans have been waiting for... The iconic Snatch Game! A big twist shakes up the competition, but first, the library is open. Robert Fux is joined by Kayo, Arantxa Alvarez, and Omar Rudberg.

  • The Dragodi Festival

    Episode 5

    The queens have been selected for the Dragodi festival to compete and represent Sweden at Drago-vision. They split into two groups and sing drag versions of Swedish National Song Competition classics. In the Werkroom, Admira talks about her loss, sadness, and anger after her only great love passe...

  • Dream Sisters

    Episode 6

    MMA fighters Simon Sköld, Niklas Andersson, Robin Bengtsson, Robert Eirfjell, and Anthony Yigit are invited to the Werkroom. The queens are tasked with turning these visitors into their dream sisters, and perform as siblings on the catwalk. Fontana wants to shave Anthony Yigit’s eyebrows. Vanity ...

  • Diva Assoluta

    Episode 7

    Four queens remain. Only three can make it to the finals. In the season’s most demanding maxi challenge so far, the queens star in a Nordic noir crime drama, coached by award-winning actor and director Shima Niavarani. Fontana learns that it is not always best to be on top. Admira bravely tells a...

  • Grand Finale - Sverige Season 1

    Episode 8

    The time has come to crown Sweden’s First Drag Superstar! A fight breaks out when the queens record the song ”Every Queen.” Fontana enjoys the difficult choreography while Vanity and Admira panic. Robert Fux, Kayo and Farao visit the Werkroom with video greetings from loved ones, and it gets emot...