Drag Tots

Drag Tots

2 Seasons

Baby Drag Queens learn all things drag voiced by some of your favorite Drag Race Queens including Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio, Detox, Latrice Royale, and Valentina!

Drag Tots
  • Reading

    Episode 1

    The library is open! Corny the Unicorn teaches Roxy Moron all about reading and she and her fellow Drag Tots give it a try.

  • Locker 69

    Episode 2

    The Drag Tots are just as obsessed with Stranger Things as we are so they ignore Corny's warnings and explore Locker 69.

  • All-A-Day

    Episode 3

    DragTots learn all about what an 'ALL-A-DAY" (a holiday to celebrate any occasion they want) is and celebrate their first one!

  • Wig Farm

    Episode 4

    The Drag Tots take a trip to the Wig Farm to find Arugula a new wig!

  • Bish Wish

    Episode 5

    The Drag Tots share what they want to be when they grow up and meet Donatella Mehwattodoo.

  • I Can't Do A Death Drop

    Episode 6

    Dina Saur has a secret. She doesn't know how to Death Drop, and asks for help from the Drag Tots! In this episode, Arugula, Lady Liber-T, Roxy Moron, and Corny the Unicorn teach Dina the intricacies of death dropping!

  • Lip Sync

    Episode 7

    Lady Liber-T reminisces about how she became a famous pop artist! She recounts her lip sync at the school talent show that led to her fame, after forgetting all her words, and Donatella sabotaging her performance.

  • Coat of Many Colors

    Episode 8

    The Drag Tots get ready for their school ball and help Dina Saur get her outfit right!