Galaxy High School

Galaxy High School

13 Episodes

Doyle and Aimee, two Earthling students, are chosen to attend a high school in outer space (Aimee for being the #1 student, Doyle for being a failure) They befriend alien classmates and learn to get along with them, despite their differences.

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Galaxy High School
  • Welcome to Galaxy High

    Episode 1

    Doyle and Aimee arrive at Galaxy High. Because of her exceptional grades, Aimee is awarded a scholarship and a Turbo Space Coup De Ville, while Doyle has to take on a job at a pizza parlor and get a used skateboard.

  • Pizza's Honor

    Episode 2

    Doyle has to deliver a hundred pizzas to the haunted planet of Tingler. Beef and his Bonk bunch follow along to prove the Earthboy is a big Kakalack (closest Earth equivalent: chicken).

  • The Beef Who Would Be King

    Episode 3

    Aliens from the planet Cholesterol proclaim Beef their new leader, the High Cholesterol. Despite Doyle and Aimee's objections, the Cholesterolians insist on taking Beef back to their planet and bathing him in luxury...

  • Where's Milo?

    Episode 4

    Milo loses his job because of his clumsiness. Al Gatori of 'The Leather Scene' store offers the Venusian a job and turns him into a living mannequin.

  • Those Eyes, Those Lips

    Episode 5

    Rockstar Mick Maggers is playing a concert at Galaxy High, and his biggest fan, Booey Bubblehead is desperate to meet him. Beef gets a job as a security guard at the concert.

  • Doyle's New Friend

    Episode 6

    The first guest student to arrive is Wolfgang Armadillo, a big practical joker. His pranks make him instantly unpopular, though Doyle insists on standing up for his new friend.

  • Dollars and Sense

    Episode 7

    Reggie Unicycle, the richest teen in the universe and famed Galaxy High alumni, visits the school and instantly sets his mind on Aimee Brightower.

  • Beach Blanket Blow-Up

    Episode 8

    It's time for spring break and everyone is planning on going to Ft. Lauteroid for the Summer Nova. Everyone except Doyle, he's got to make up for flunking chemistry.

  • The Brain Blaster

    Episode 9

    Doyle has to improve his grades if he wants to represent Galaxy High at the Psyche Hockey championship. Punk McThrusters offers Doyle a Brain Blaster hit. Doyle instantly becomes addicted.

  • The Brat Pack

    Episode 10

    Beef Bonk is punished for trashing the teachers lunch table by being put in charge of the elementary school class. The alien tots dream of a day out to Nova-land and Beef decides to grant their wish.

  • Founder's Day

    Episode 11

    Galaxy High is celebrating Founders Day to commemorate the opening of Galaxy High. Beef chases Doyle, Aimee, Milo and the Creep into Professor Icenstein's experimental time machine and accidentally sends them back to the original founder's day.

  • Martian Mumps

    Episode 12

    Lox, a new student from Mars arrives and infects the entire school with the Martian Mumps. Only Doyle and Aimee appear to be immune. Captain James T. Smirk of the Medi-Federation Starship places Galaxy High under eternal quarantine.

  • It Came from Earth

    Episode 13

    It's the last day of school, and Galaxy High is competing in a Zuggleball championship match. Doyle bumps into a SVN television camera and wakes up 15 years later and 400 feet tall on Earth.