Gap Chat

Gap Chat

10 Episodes

Heidi N Closet is here for Gap Chat, where she teaches us to live, laugh, love, and not to take life (or ourselves) too seriously!

Gap Chat
  • Bullying

    Episode 1

    For the very first episode of Gap Chat, Miss Closet delves into the why, who, what, and where of bullying - and she's not holding back.

  • Reactions

    Episode 2

    Miss N Closet is here to teach us how to react to any situation using the WWHD method - What Would Heidi Do?

  • Chicken Wings

    Episode 3

    Heidi’s sharing the wonder of her favorite comfort food: chicken wings! And she’s definitely not going to let a stray wig hair get in her way.

  • Makeup

    Episode 4

    Makeup is a journey, and it gets better! Heidi shares her own makeup journey from secretly using her grandma’s eyeshadow in the bathroom to the fabulous mug she’s serving today.

  • Hometown

    Episode 5

    Heidi spills the tea on how her hometown, Ramseur, North Carolina, shaped her into the fierce she-ro she is today!

  • Laughter

    Episode 6

    Miss Closet give us a dose of her best medicine to show us that if you can laugh about a difficult situation, it’s not the end of the world.

  • Money

    Episode 7

    Spend the money, don't let the money spend you. From eating Dorito sandwiches to lending friends money for diapers, Heidi's spilling the tea on a topic we could all use a little help with!

  • Flirting

    Episode 8

    We don’t know what it is, but when you blink a lot it looks like you’re flirting. Miss Closet gives us her best tips and tricks to land the person of your dreams!

  • Pet Peeves

    Episode 9

    Don't even think about smacking your teeth around Miss Closet. Heidi's sharing some of her pettiest peeves!

  • Confidence

    Episode 10

    Fake it til you make it, like Miss Closet herself! Heidi teaches us the power of confidence.