Gaymer Guys

Gaymer Guys

3 Seasons

Chase Koloszi and Evan Michael Lee discuss everything video games with an emphasis on queer in Gaymer Guys!

Gaymer Guys
  • E3 2019!
    Episode 1

    E3 2019!

    Episode 1

    The Gaymers review all things E3 2019!

  • Kim Chi
    Episode 2

    Kim Chi

    Episode 2

    Chase and Evan play Super Smash Bros with special guest Kim Chi!

  • Gaymer Guys Visit Riot Teaser

    Episode 3

    Take a sneak peek as the Gaymer Guys visit Riot Games!

  • The Guys Visit Riot!

    Episode 4

    Once Chase wakes up from his beauty sleep, the boys take a tour of Riot Studios!

  • Pride!
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    Evan and Chase take Pride! It's gay!

  • Overwatch with Anjali Bhimani!

    Episode 6

    Evan and Chase are joined by Anjali Bhimani (the voice of Summetra) to play Overwatch!

  • Black Representation in Gaming

    Episode 7

    Evan and Chase talk about the importance of black representation in video games.

  • Retoot and Reboot

    Episode 8

    Chase and Evan show us some games they think need a fresh coat of paint.

  • We Wanna See Some Sequels

    Episode 9

    Chase and Evan talk about some games that deserve sequels - no, not reboots!