Golden Pandemic

Golden Pandemic

4 Episodes

Rose (Pandora Boxx), Blanche (Ginger Minj), Dorothy (Tempest Dujour) and Sophia (Mrs. Kasha Davis) are back and better than ever to serve you up some Miami sass - social distancing style!

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Golden Pandemic
  • Thank You for Staying at Home...

    Episode 1 only to the grocery store and back again. Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia managed to figure out Zoom calls for long enough to lament about how difficult they're finding social isolation.

  • It Was a Pandemic

    Episode 2

    Picture it - Sicily, 2020. I was sitting in my house...and that's it - it was a pandemic! No whoopie-making, or friend-making, or even breakfast-making.

  • I'm No Scientist...

    Episode 3

    Turns out Rose has a lot more experience with pandemics than we thought - and not just because of the Great St. Olaf Chicken Pox Outbreak of 1954.

  • Did Everyone Catch It?

    Episode 4

    The gals are back in town! Or rather, they haven’t left their houses since last week. Either way, this week Sophia teaches Rose the difference between pandemic versus epidemic through example.