Headlines with Alyssa Edwards

Headlines with Alyssa Edwards

3 Episodes

The Grand Dame Diva herself spills the tea on the goopery in the news these days from her home in Mesquite, Texas!

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Headlines with Alyssa Edwards
  • Corona, Pornhub + You

    Episode 1

    There’s nothing fake about this news. Just the facts, as Alyssa Edwards walks us through top news stories of the week. All from the comfort of her backyard in Mesquite, Texas

  • Tiger King, Walmart + Poo

    Episode 2

    Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Alyssa's back back back again to share the latest headlines, from giving birth in Wal-Mart to swallowed engagement rings.

  • Ellen, Felon + Fun

    Episode 3

    The official Miss Quarantine 2020 brings us some more fresh headlines from her backyard! This week, she's talkin' Ellen Degeneres's jokes, quarantine fashion, and how Instagram is making isolation bearable!