Hey Qween!

Hey Qween!

16 Episodes

It's time to spill the tea! Host and comedian Jonny McGovern interviews the eliminated queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16.

Hey Qween!
  • Hey Qween! - Hershii LiqCour-Jeté

    Episode 1

    It's chocolate. Hey Qween! is BACK with our first guest, Season 16's Hershii LiqCour-Jeté! Hershii spills the T on showing RuPaul her sock skirt, voting in Rate-A-Queen, and who should've replaced her in the bottom two.

  • Hey Qween! - Mirage

    Episode 2

    Click clack, sis! This week Jonny sits down with Las Vegas superstar Mirage. They kiki about crushing on Morphine Love Dion, Mirage's iconic heel-clacking talent show, Vegas shenanigans and big emotions on the runway.

  • Hey Qween! - Amanda Tori Meating

    Episode 3

    Please report to the c*ntfrence room for an Amanda Tori Meating! Jonny and Amanda download on Amanda's exciting gender journey, her brilliantly bonkers bird's-nest runway, and of course -- Plane Jane! Plus, the always sickening LaGanja Estranja calls in!f

  • Hey Qween! - Geneva Karr

    Episode 4

    Vroom Vroom! La Diva Más Latina, Geneva Karr, sits down with Jonny to discuss her rollercoaster of a journey on the race.

  • Hey Qween! - Megami

    Episode 5

    Brooklyn's Cosplay Queen, Megami, talks to Jonny about riding the D train, her spicy Alt twitter, protecting Queer Art -- and those infamous talent show signs. Plus, some very special guests pop up!

  • Hey Qween! - Xunami Muse

    Episode 6

    The queen of Afters, Xunami Muse, is sitting down with Jonny to pop off about legendary Drag Race runway moments, kiki about her season 16 sisters -- and deliver all the dish about her mother, Kandy Muse.

  • Hey Qween! - Plasma

    Episode 7

    The theater queen of NYC, Plasma, is sitting down with Jonny to discuss all things Rusicals, growing up in Texas and will rain on her Season 16 sisters' parades. Plus, Alyssa Edwards drops in for a surprise message.

  • Hey Qween! - Jamal Sims

    Episode 8

    On an extra special episode of Hey Qween!, Jamal Sims sits down with Jonny to discuss his star studded career working with RuPaul, Madonna, Britney Spears and all things Rusicals.

  • Hey Qween! - Mhi'ya Iman Le'Paige

    Episode 9

    The Queen of Flips, Mhi'ya Iman Le'Paige is spilling all the tea on her lip syncs, her coming out story, and tells Jonny what she really thinks about her Season 16 sisters.

  • Hey Qween! - Dawn

    Episode 10

    Rise and Shine! The sassy and gassy queen of Season 16, Dawn, talks to Jonny about her "Dawnminican" heritage, her high fashion quirky looks and gets "dawnest" about her journey on season 16.

  • Hey Qween! - Morphine Love Dion

    Episode 11

    The beauty and the body, Morphine Love Dion joins Jonny in the Hey Qween! Studio to reveal what it was like being the narrator of the season, her journey into makeup and ranks her Season 16 sister's mugs!

  • Hey Qween! - Q

    Episode 12

    The Kansas City diva and designer extraordinaire, Q, sits with Jonny to discuss her groundbreaking runway looks, her journey to the Top Four and gives us her answers on some burning questions about the season.

  • Hey Qween! - Raven

    Episode 13

    The ultimate makeup queen and Emmy-Award winner, Raven, sits down with Jonny to talk about working with RuPaul, the mugs of Season 16, and dishes about her all-new series, Painting with Raven.

  • Hey Qween! - Plane Jane

    Episode 14

    Sisterrrrr! The Top 3 finalist and shade assassin from Boston, Plane Jane, is sitting down with Jonny to talk about her legendary run on Season 16. Jane breaks down all the "beef" from the season, spills the tea on her relationship with Nymphia and reveals what it's like being a meme phenomenon.

  • Hey Qween! - Sapphira Cristál

    Episode 15

    The Season 16 runner-up and Miss Congeniality, Sapphira Cristál, spills all the tea on the Grand Finale, shares how she really feels about the season, offers motherly advice to her sisters — and reveals how she packed all those massive outfits!

  • Hey Qween! - Nymphia Wind

    Episode 16

    Season 16 Winner, Nymphia Wind, sits down with Jonny to talk about her journey to the crown, her iconic finale performance and reacts to some special messages from fellow legends Marina Summers and Raja.