Highway To Heel

Highway To Heel

6 Episodes

Gonna fang it to the servo for some darts and a dimmie, go chuck my crystal clackers in the boot. If this sentence doesn’t make any sense to you, then it’s time for you to jump aboard Highway to Heel! Australian drag icon Art Simone hits the open road in Highway to Heel!

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Highway To Heel
  • Girl Loves A Snack

    Art Simone sets off on her Highway To Heel with her first guest, Australian drag queen, Jemima Handful. Join them on the road as Jemima taste tests and reviews Aussie road trip snacks.

  • Trash into Treasure

    Episode 2

    Art challenges Pashion Couture, the current reigning Bitch of the Year and handy seamstress, to make a garment out of the garbage they find at the paddock by the freeway. Chaos, of course, ensues.

  • Front Seat Feast

    Episode 3

    Art is joined by drag chef extraordinaire Miss Jay, who creates a three course meal in Art's front seat!

  • Where's the Transformation, Sis?

    Episode 4

    Fashionista Aysha Buffet transforms Jack, Art Simone’s alter ego, into a hottie biscotti (without using his signature houndstooth button-up).

  • The Art of Love

    Episode 5

    In a special episode, Art is (reluctantly) looking for love! Semi brofessional breakdancers Keif and Dazza compete for Art’s affection - or at the very least, her tolerance.

  • Philmah Fully Loaded

    Episode 6

    Local old old old old drag queen Philmah Bocks gives Art's car the drag treatment!