How's Your Head, Hun?

How's Your Head, Hun?

8 Episodes

Like the rest of us, Michelle Visage is on lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped her from enlisting her husband as a cameraman, and throwing open the doors of her family home.

How's Your Head, Hun?
  • Do ONE Thing

    Episode 1

    Like the rest of us, Michelle Visage is on lockdown. But that isn’t stopping her from throwing open the doors and inviting all of us in… into her home, into her family, into her head! A head, by the way, that has more gray on top of it than ever before – the perils of isolation, not only from fri...

  • The Prom

    Episode 2

    Lockdown hasn’t deterred Michelle Visage and husband, David, from throwing daughter, Lola, a prom, albeit in their backyard. Homemade prom night is complete with balloons, corsages… even a slow dance and the added bonus of a surprise visit from “The King”. Lola is moved to tears by the entire exp...

  • What Are We Even Doing?!?!

    Episode 3

    Michelle has fully hit the “what the hell am I even doing” stage of lockdown, as she finds herself organizing, labelling, even gardening? I mean, really, who gardens? In the meantime, she chats with comedian Keith Lemon about the appeal of crafting in a pandemic. Footballer Alex Scott rings to in...

  • The Show Must Go On

    Episode 4

    After months of lockdown, Michelle vows that she’s not going to let Miss Rona get in the way of the important events in her life. So she’s tying up loose ends left and right. Her daughter Lola graduates from high school, and Michelle puts a bow on another season of Drag Race, coronavirus be damne...


    Episode 5

    Covid has cancelled PRIDE events all over the world so Michelle is calling on her friends to keep the spirit of Pride alive. She finds a Scottish couple to marry from afar and she catches up with stage and screen legend Alan Cumming, DJ Nick Grimshaw, and even bakes a pride cake with chef Jamie L...

  • Get Your S#$t Together!

    Episode 6

    We’re four months into lockdown and Michelle’s home is starting to drive her a little bit crazy! So she enlists the help of the Style Sisters, Gemma and Charlotte, to help organize her pantry. She catches up with iconic morning host Lorainne Kelly, and star of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Titus...

  • Love In the Time of Quarantine

    Episode 7

    Michelle and her husband David celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary and discuss “Love in the Time of Quarantine,” and how lockdown has affected romance. She also welcomes Vanessa Williams, Mark Gatiss, Nikkie Tutorials, and Denise Van Outen to her closet.

  • The New Normal

    Episode 8

    With the lift of lockdown on the horizon, Michelle is in a reflective mood.. She chats with her friends RuPaul, The Vivienne, and Rylan Clark-Neal and organizes a Strictly Come Dancing reunion. Unbeknownst to her, David is also organizing a reunion, as he plots the return from Uni of their eldest...