2 Seasons

Miz Cracker teaches you the Jews and Don'ts about Drag, Life, and Drag Life!

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  • Miz Cracker’s Chanukah Special

    Episode 1

    Invited to a Chanukah celebration and not sure what to bring? What food are they going to serve, and, like...why? Never fear - Cracker is here to serve you all the Jews and don’ts at Chanukah, for everyone from gentiles to mensches. It’s a very special holiday edition of Jewtorials! That’s a tuto...

  • JewTorials at RuPaul’s DragCon UK 2020!

    It’s time for some Jews and Don’ts - UK edition! Miz Cracker gives us her best tips and tricks for traveling with wigs at the first DragCon UK!