2 Seasons

Miz Cracker teaches you the Jews and Don'ts about Drag, Life, and Drag Life!

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  • Find The Wig For Your Gig

    Episode 1

    Meet Miz Cracker, your resident Jew here to give you her JewTorial (that's tutorials from a jew)! Today, she teaches us how to find the best wig for your gig.

  • What to Do With Your Wig

    Episode 2

    So, you've got our perfect wig. Now what? Miz Cracker is here to show you what to do with your fresh new wig.

  • Teaze Her

    Episode 3

    You've bought and prepped your wig. Now, hang with Miz Cracker as she shows you how to get the ultimate Teaze!

  • Styling Your Wig

    Episode 4

    Today we pick back up where you were left last week. Your wig has been destroyed by teasing but have no fear, Miz Cracker is here! Learn how to style your wig to perfection and leave all of your friends gagging.

  • Putting Her On

    Episode 5

    Miz Cracker teaches you how to put on your new wig!

  • Hair Care

    Episode 6

    Miz Cracker shows you how to clean and care for your wig!

  • Stacking

    Episode 7

    Miz Cracker shows you how to stack your wigs.

  • Pigtails

    Episode 8

    Miz Cracker teaches you how to do standing pigtails from her iconic Miz Crumbs look!

  • Wig Cleaning with Boiling Water

    Episode 9

    Learn the 'jews and don'ts', when cleaning your wigs in a hot pot of water!

  • JewTorials Panel w/ Miz Cracker, Blair St. Clair, The Vixen at RuPuals DragConNY

    Episode 10

    Determined to do their season 10 challenge correctly, Miz Cracker, Blair St. Clair and The Vixen hold a proper panel on wig styling and support at RuPaul's DragCon 2018 in NYC.Watch more Jewtorials: