Man Shops Globe

Man Shops Globe

2 Seasons

“Man Shops Globe” is an original series starring Keith Johnson, the antiques buyer for the innovative specialty retailer Anthropologie. One of the largest purchasers of decorative antiques in the world, Johnson globe trots six months out of the year to find unique and beautiful items.

In each location, be it China, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, France, England, India, or Holland, Johnson hits the ground running with a different team of local experts and artists who help him acquire and re-imagine a new life for the eclectic objects he finds. Working against the clock and driven by his own competitive spirit, he is inexhaustible in his search for uncommon design. This series is also distinguished by Johnson’s appreciation of the creative process: each episode will showcase exquisite and delightful objects as well as the artists and process behind the work.
Whether he discovers an antique table or wealth of original works in an undiscovered artist’s studio, viewers are sure to be fascinated with Johnson’s knack for finding covetable, one-of-a-kind pieces.

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Man Shops Globe
  • Thailand

    Episode 1

    In order to refresh one of Anthropologie’s most popular lines of quilts, Keith journeys with designer David Earp to Thailand to seek out new textiles. Even with the help of local guide, Jean-Charles, will the sprawling street markets and exotic galleries of Bangkok and Chiang Mai prove to be too ...

  • Scotland

    Episode 2

    Determined to help a local dog rescue shelter, Keith plans to host a charity auction featuring dog-related items. Lured by the majestic castles and famous whiskey distilleries, Keith and his agent John Finlayson travel to Scotland on the hunt for an item that is sure to attract the highest bidder.

  • Australia

    Episode 3

    Having never explored Down Under, Keith enlists the support of popular Australian stylist Sibella Court and Designer Fleur Wood to lead him in his search for artists in the Sydney area who he can showcase back in Anthropologie’s Rockefeller Center gallery.

  • Cyprus

    Episode 4

    Keith offers to lend his dear friend Helen a hand with her cookbook pitch, an offer which takes him from the office of a Manhattan publishing company to Helen’s native Cyprus. Inspired by the island’s ancient history and traditions, they tour through villages and meet local artisans capturing Cyp...

  • Sweden

    Episode 5

    With the mission to prepare the first gallery show in Anthropologie’s London store, Keith sets out to Sweden in search of modern ceramics. From Stockholm’s art galleries to Varmland’s craft shops, Keith is on the lookout for the perfect piece to feature in the debut showcase.

  • Italy

    Episode 6

    Keith kindly invites Savannah College of Art and Design student, Rebecca, on a trip to Italy where she can learn from the masters of style how to find and create work that will sell. Guided by department store maestro Vittorio Radice, they tour the renowned Alessi factory, break bread in Milan an...

  • Mexico

    Episode 7

    Eager to see the recent creative resurgence in Mexico firsthand, Keith accepts an invitation to journey south of the border with his world-renowned interior decorator friend Michael Smith. From new galleries in bustling Mexico City to the traditional shops in historic San Miguel, will Keith find ...

  • Syria

    Episode 8

    Excited by Syrian inlaid furniture, Keith and his fashion designer friend Anna Sui jump at the chance to explore the untapped markets of Damascus and Aleppo. Can their novice guide, Manaf, steer them to artists with unique items and the resources to fill orders or will Anthropologie steer clear f...