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Watch this video and more on WOW Presents Plus

Thailand: Man Shops Globe 201


Up Next in Season 2

  • Scotland: Man Shops Globe 202

    Determined to help a local dog rescue shelter, Keith plans to host a charity auction featuring dog-related items. Lured by the majestic castles and famous whiskey distilleries, Keith and his agent John Finlayson travel to Scotland on the hunt for an item that is sure to attract the highest bidder.

  • Australia: Man Shops Globe 203

    Having never explored Down Under, Keith enlists the support of popular Australian stylist Sibella Court and Designer Fleur Wood to lead him in his search for artists in the Sydney area who he can showcase back in Anthropologie’s Rockefeller Center gallery.

  • Cyprus: Man Shops Globe 204

    Keith offers to lend his dear friend Helen a hand with her cookbook pitch, an offer which takes him from the office of a Manhattan publishing company to Helen’s native Cyprus. Inspired by the island’s ancient history and traditions, they tour through villages and meet local artisans capturing Cyp...