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  • House on Fire Coming June 4

    House on Fire is set in New York and follows the pre-eminent ‘House’ in the Ballroom scene, the House of Miyake-Mugler. Produced by ITV America, Good Company and Hey, Man Productions it follows the house’s family members and the heads of the household, Yusef Mugler and Exotic Mugler, as they jugg...

  • A Star is Spawned

    A classic love story of a famous country star (Ginger Minj) falling for an unknown singer, possessed by the devil (Jujubee). But as the devil’s fame skyrockets, the other falls deeper into addiction. Will the lovers make it work before the apocalypse burns everything to ash? Love is Hell. Literal...

  • The Family Bond

    A tight bond always forms between the revolving cast who have graced the Flamingo stage. The queens connect over struggles with their families accepting their art-form and how their drag career supports everyone back home.

  • Meet the Queens of Drag Race France Season 3 🇫🇷

    Drag Race France is coming soon to WOW Presents Plus! Episode 1 will premiere FREE on WOW Presents Plus to all logged-in users, no subscription needed!