Oh Pit Crew

Oh Pit Crew

5 Seasons

While the Queens' engines are running on stage, the members of the RuPaul's Drag Race Scruff Pit Crew are bulging backstage, gearing up for the next challenge. But what actually happens backstage? Love Connie is determined to find out in Oh Pit Crew! Join Connie as she checks up on our favorite crew members Bryce, Jason, and Bruno! Things heat up backstage, as the banana hammocks are in full swing.

Oh Pit Crew
  • Jason & Bryce Beat Each Others Faces

    Episode 1

    Kiki backstage with the RuPaul's Drag Race Pit Crew! Jason and Bryce learn how to do each other's makeup.

  • Jason & Bryce on the Perfect Selfie

    Episode 2

    On this episode of Oh Pit Crew, people suck at taking selfies so Jason & Bryce teach us how to take the perfect pic of yourself!

  • Jason & Bryce React to Mean Comments

    Episode 3

    On this episode of Oh Pit Crew, Jason & Bryce react to mean comments from seasons past.

  • Jason & Jared Sissy That Walk

    Episode 4

    Jason Carter teaches the new Pit Crew member Jared North how to Sissy That Walk. Or does Jared teach Jason?

  • Jason, Jared, & Yadier Play Fister

    Episode 5

    The Pit Crew of RuPaul's Drag Race play Fister. It's like the game Twister but with a RuPaul's Drag Race twist.

  • Jason, Jared, & Yadier Play Never Have I Ever

    Episode 6

    To get to know each other a little more, the boys play Never Have I Ever. Each of them take down a finger if they've done what the others haven't.