Puff Puff Sessions

Puff Puff Sessions

2 Seasons

Langanja Estranja shares the benefits of Marijuana while getting blazed with some of her best Judys!

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Puff Puff Sessions
  • Love Connie

    Episode 1

    In the premiere of season 3, Langanja Estranja smokes some of the devil's lettuce with Love Connie! Get your Fosse on!

  • Biqtch Puddin

    Episode 2

    Laganja introduces us to her friend Bitqch Puddin', and then they make pudding their bitch.

  • Danny Franzese

    Episode 3

    Laganja Estranja and Danny Franzese toke while talking tea and teen movies!

  • Honey Davenport

    Episode 4

    The Queen Bee herself stops by to toke and talk with Miss Estranja about 'herbal refreshments,' her season 11 sisters, and the struggles of being a queen who can't tongue pop.

  • ADAM iLL

    Episode 5

    We don't condone toking and driving, so hop in an Uber and meet Laganja and ADAM iLL at L.A. Kush to explore the wonderful weed, and dabs, and....wait, what are we talking about again?