Rock M. Sakura Sexy Superhero Sickening Spectacular

Rock M. Sakura Sexy Superhero Sickening Spectacular

6 Episodes

Rock M. Sakura comes from a family of superheroes who fight crime every day. But Rock is a late bloomer and has yet to come into her powers. Set in San Francisco, this mockumentary series follows Rock on her journey to discovering her superpowers.

Rock M. Sakura Sexy Superhero Sickening Spectacular
  • Trial and Error

    Episode 1

    Rock comes from a long line of superpowered superheroes. And being a late bloomer, Rock is feeling the pressure from her parents to discover what her superpowers might be. Through trial and error, Rock attempts many different powers in the hopes that one might stick.

  • Apple of My Eye

    Episode 2

    Rock discovers that her superpower might be making people fall in love! She tests her love manipulation skills on her parents whose marriage has been on the rocks.

  • She's an InfluencHER

    Episode 3

    After a bathroom kiki with Biqtch Puddin, Rock is convinced she has the power to persuade people. Excited that she may have discovered her superpower, Rock takes to Instagram Live to tackle America's #2 problem.

  • The Smell of De-feet

    Episode 4

    Rock's mom has gone missing! But no fear, because Detective Rock is on the case. With her newfound powers to smell danger, Rock sniffs high and low to find clues.

  • Let's Get Metaphysical

    Episode 5

    Rock discovers that her dance moves give her psychic powers. Elated with this revelation, she tests her choreo on the citizens of San Francisco.

  • Villain Mingle

    Episode 6

    Every good superhero has an archnemesis, sis! Rock sets out to find the villain of her dreams.