RuPaul Drives

RuPaul Drives

2 Seasons

Emmy awarding winning host RuPaul, drives and interviews a slew of celebrities through LA.

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RuPaul Drives
  • Kristen Johnston: RuPaul Drives 201

    Episode 1

    This season's premiere passenger is the outspoken and shelarious actress Kristen Johnston, hot off the set of her hit TVLand series The Exes. The two dish about Drag Race drama, barbiturates, and the joy of attending open houses.

  • Lucian: RuPaul Drives 202

    Episode 2

    RuPaul picks up his music producer Lucian Piane on this episode of RuPaul Drives. RuPaul and Lucian talk about how he got his start in the music industry and Ru's new album Born Naked

  • Michelle Visage: RuPaul Drives 203

    Episode 3

    RuPaul picks up Michelle Visage in this episode of RuPaul Drives...

  • Lohanthony: RuPaul Drives 204

    Episode 4

    RuPaul picks up the internet sensation, Lohanthony (along with his Mama!) on this episode of RuPaul Drives!

  • Ornacia: RuPaul Drives 205

    Episode 5

    On this special edition of RuPaul Drives...MOTHAH has arrived! RuPaul interviews the one and only...Ornacia!

  • John Waters: RuPaul Drives 206

    Episode 6

    RuPaul Drives... the legendary John Waters! They talk about EVERYTHING! John's new book "Car Sick", who John would cast in a movie today, how he got his love for entertainment from being on the Howdy Doody set, plus a ton more!

  • Mathu: RuPaul Drives 207

    Episode 7

    Mathu Andersen hitches a ride with RuPaul on this episode of RuPaul Drives! These two together is magic!

  • Olivia: RuPaul Drives 208

    Episode 8

    Olivia Newton-John makes her way to Flamingo Las Vegas with her "Summer Nights" residency. Opening inside the Donny & Marie Showroom onTuesday, April 8, Olivia will take audiences on a musical journey through her life in film and music. RuPaul Drives the legendary Olivia Newton-John!

  • Chi Chi LaRue: RuPaul Drives 209

    Episode 9

    RuPaul picks up Chi Chi LaRue on this episode of RuPaul Drives!
    Topics include the porn industry today, thrift shopping, plus a special run-in with a pedestrian (hint: it starts with Lady and ends with Bunny).

  • Bartsch: RuPaul Drives 210

    Episode 10

    RuPaul picks up and drives Susanne Bartsch around Hollywood on this episode of RuPaul Drives!

  • Iggy: RuPaul Drives 211

    Episode 11

    Iggy Azalea hitches a ride with RuPaul on this episode of RuPaul Drives! They talk about Australia, Iggy's music, and lace fronts! They so fancy!

  • Henry Rollins: RuPaul Drives 212

    Episode 12

    Since you all loved the first part of RuPaul Drives... Henry Rollins, we decided to roll out part deux!

  • Courtney: RuPaul Drives 213

    Episode 13

    Here is part two of RuPaul Drives... Courtney Stodden! Check out the bonus footage from their first ride!

  • John Waters: RuPaul Drives 214

    Episode 14

    Part two of RuPaul Drives... John Waters! Check out the bonus footage from their first ride!

  • Iggy: RuPaul Drives 215

    Episode 15

    Check out never before seen footage from RuPaul Drives... Iggy Azalea! They talk about Iggy's boyfriend and lacefront wigs!

  • Olivia: RuPaul Drives 216

    Episode 16

    Check out never before seen footage from RuPaul and Olivia Newton-Jon's first drive together! The two talk about Uber, being starstruck, Burt Reynolds, Olivia's Vegas show, and meditating.