RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked

RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked

3 Seasons

RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked! is the access-all-areas pass to the drama that you didn't see on the runway--the backstage bitchiness, the catfights, the struggles, the tears and the secrets. See what happens behind the scenes when the queens let their tucks breathe... and let their emotions flow. Will the drag queens crack under the pressure of competing to become America's next drag superstar? RuPaul narrates us through the behind the scenes world of what happens when a gaggle of queens are up against each other... and themselves.

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RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked
  • Oh. My. Gaga!

    Episode 1

    RuPaul's Drag Race is off to a stellar start! It's a love fest as the queens get to know each other and talk about their runway looks. Before heading back to the main stage, the queens get a backstage visit that leaves them gagged.

  • She Done Already Done Brought It On

    Episode 2

    After cheering each other through possibly the most physical challenge in Drag Race herstory, the queens untuck and discuss the judge’s opinions of their looks and performances. The reality of who’s on top and who’s on bottom settles in because for the first time this season, someone will sashay ...

  • Draggily Ever After

    Episode 3

    After a fairytale runway fit for a princess, the Queens untuck backstage and ki-ki about who they’d “kai-kai” with. One queen who thinks her happily ever after will be in the top is thrown when being in the bottom becomes a reality. 

  • Good Morning Bitches

    Episode 4

  • Reality Stars: The Musical

    Episode 5

    After the queens pay tribute to America’s favorite family in a musical extravaganza, they untuck backstage. One accuses the others of sabotage and the bottom queens prepare to lip-sync.

  • Snatch Game

    Episode 6

    The queens settle in after a star-studded snatch game and it gets real when two queens go at each other about who should be in the bottom two.

  • 9021-HO

    Episode 7

    After the queens’ successful acting debut they untuck backstage. The sisterhood builds stronger bonds after a queen gets a message from back home.

  • RuPaul Roast

    Episode 8

    The queens cool down backstage after the RuPaul Roast. They discuss which queens of comedy were on fire and which ones went down in flames.

  • Your Pilot's On Fire

    Episode 9

    After making their own TV pilots, the queens settle in and get shady about who might get the green light and who might be canceled.

  • Makeovers: Crew Better Work

    Episode 10

    After teaching the crew to beat their mugs and strut the runway, they untuck backstage and kiki with their new sisters. 

  • Gayest Ball Ever

    Episode 11

    The queens untuck after the Gayest Ball Ever. Emotions run high as the top 5 discuss their runway looks and who might be top 4.

  • Category Is

    Episode 12

    After the facing their final challenges, the queens untuck backstage and kiki about how this experience has changed them and the legacy they hope to leave.